All of our handstitched leather guitar straps are made in the USA

Why some leather smells bad

I get too many phone calls revolving around the same question: “What does your leather smell like?” Usually with the follow up question, “well… does it smell like poop?” At first, I thought this was just a random array of leather lovers that found themselves with a product made from bad

Tools for making custom leather journals

Vegetable Tanning: The Original Way

All leather goes through a tanning process that gives it the color and characteristics that people find appealing and fashionable.  The two most common forms of tanning, vegetable and chrome tanning, each have their benefits, but we continually find that we prefer veg-tanned leather. Why we prefer vegetable tanning Vegetable tanning

Trekker Leather Co only uses Strathmore Recycled Sketch Paper in their Small and Medium Leather Journals and Leather Sketchbooks

Strathmore Recycled Sketch Paper | The Best Paper for Creativity

We develop products that we would use, ensuring each journal we sell has been made with our standards of excellence.  Strathmore recycled sketch paper is the only paper we use in our leather journals, and it is for a plethora of reasons: Blind Test We take our quality standards seriously, and we recently did

This is the first leather project that Jon ever did, along with it being one of the first things his grandfather ever taught him.

The Genesis of our Leather Goods

The hunting knife (with a leather handle) and sheath above were the first two leather products our grandfather taught me how to make. This was the foundation for making leather goods in my life.   Eventually I was learning about anything from saddle repair to belt making, to knot tying, and even how